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CHumanity- 2k Per family

Brief Report

Divided we stand for the virus

United we stand for humanity

The existing scenario across the world has affected two Categories of people:


Category I : The Virus affected – a very small fraction.

Category II : Indirectly Economically Affected say daily wage earners, who are unable to earn livelihood due to Economic/ Social Conditions

Because of the current measures taken by the Govt etc( which is certainly right) Category II have lost their livelihood, which is far more dangerous than the virus itself.

We, the CAPS foundation , sensed that there is a necessity to help these people.


Our Plan: To give Rs. 2,000 worth items in kind to the deserving families.


Plan of Action :


1. Any one of you please identify such individuals/families across India and confirm such cases to Cf Santhosh @ 9886683697/7975309739.


2. The person referring such cases( termed Volunteer) should be known to CAPS/ CAPS foundation directly or indirectly.


3. CAPS foundation shall take the final call at its discretion and transfer Rs.2000 to the Bank account/ UPI of Volunteer.


4. Such Volunteers shall be purchasing the items in kind and delivering it to the needy families.

5. List of items suggested to be purchased within the budget of Rs.2000(basic necessities) : Rice/Wheat Flour, Vegetables, Provisions/Groceries, Milk and milk Products, Soap and Sanitary items



Please share the message and help only the deserving people.


First 100 Applications received on or before Wednesday, 18th March 2020 will be taken up in the Phase I.


All CAPS/CAPS foundation friends, directly or indirectly related, please help us in achieving this noble cause.

" Food is the ingredient that binds us together..So let's help" 

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